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Drafting Skills

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This workshop complements ‘SPA Clause by Clause’, though it can be attended on a stand-alone basis.  It begins with a short video presentation for you to view in your own time, which focuses on some general drafting rules to follow, as well as some practical suggestions to improve the way you work on documents.

There are a number of offline drafting exercises available. You can complete these in your own time and send them in to the facilitator.  The facilitator will review your work, provide a mark-up and arrange an online session to go through the comments and make suggestions.

2 hours 20 Chapters
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What You Will Learn?


  • Learning about:
    • Who you are drafting for and why
    • What you are drafting
    • Breaking down drafting into core topics
    • Structuring your work

The Four Golden Rules

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • What happens if they don’t?

through a presentation on these themes

Practical Tips

  • What to work with
  • Techniques to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Practical tips
  • Managing risk
  • Establishing conventions for working with others
  • Working with emails

Practical Exercises

  • New tailor-made short exercises for online workshop
  • Tailor-made longer exercises for offline work
  • More detailed one-on-one feedback


Layer 2

  • Learning how to draft in a structured way

Layer 3

  • Spotting common drafting traps and errors

Layer 4

  • How to work more efficiently

Layer 5

  • Directly relevant exercises

Layer 2

  • Live and offline constructive feedback

Who should attend?

  • Junior to mid-level lawyers, whether in-house, in private practice or as part of other professional services firm

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Hugh Owen. Lawyer and Trainer
Solicitor of England and Wales

C&SEE, Baltics, Ukraine

Hugh worked for more than 20 years at Allen & Overy, more than half of those as a partner.

Now, as a consultant through Go2Law, Hugh continues to advise on strategic, complex M&A in the wider Central European region.